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Fall Yo-Yo Pumpkins!

These darling pumpkins are quick and can be finished by my students in a one hour class.  They are made like a typical yo-yo styled round fabric with a simple running stitch.


Supplies needed:

Fall colored fabric scraps

A dinner plate

Needle and thread






yoyo3 yoyo4

1.  Find a circle size you like.  A dinner plate works well. Trace and cut 1 circle. 


2.  Fold pretty side of fabric over to wrong side about 1/4″ while using a running stitch along edge.  



3.  Leave thread at beginning and end of running stitch.  Pull strings gathering to make a small hole.  Stuff the large yoyo and tie off ends of thread in a knot.

yoyo7 yoyo8

4.  Cut 3 pieces of twine double the size of your pumpkin ball.  Tie the 3 twines together with a knot in the middle.Place knot at the gathered hole area of pumpkin. This is the bottom of the pumpkin. Spread out the 6 pieces of twine and bring up 2 opposite pieces pulling taut and knotting at top.  Do the same with all 4 pieces. 


5.  Cut another piece of twine about 6″ longer than the first.  This piece is tied in a knot at the bottom of the “stem” area.  Then you wrap the twine around all the loose pieces using a looping knot. Make a loop, like in photo, wrap twine around and through, pull tight.  Continue to make loops and knots as high as you want your stem. Then trim all pieces.


Fun, fast and easy!  I made the project a class lesson on yo-yos and showed photos of old yo-yo quilts made from scraps.