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5 Sewing Room Must-Haves


5 Sewing Room Must-Haves


5 Sewing Room Must Haves


If you have young sewists in your sewing studio, here are 5 Sewing Room Must-Haves. Trust me on this, these tools will make your, and your young sewist’s, experience SEW much better!

DISCLAIMER: Although I am including links to many of these products, I am not affiliated with any of these companies…I just happen to like these products and/or companies.


#1 – Gingher Featherweight Scissors

You might be asking why these specific scissors? After having used them in my studio for over 15 years, let me tell you why they are amazing! 
1- They are easy for children to cut with. Because they don’t require a lot of pressure to open or close, kids can easily cut through fabric with them…even thicker fabric like denim or fleece.
2- They last a long time. I still have my original 4 pair that I purchased over 15 years ago, AND they still work! After hundreds of hours of use and hundreds of users, they keep on truckin’. I now have over 10 pair and they are all going strong. I have not had one pair professionally sharpened…although, I’ll admit…there are a few that could use a good sharpening. 
3- They are inexpensive. You can generally find them for around $15.00 a pair. 

You can find Gingher Featherweigh Scissors here.

5 Sewing Room Must Haves



#2 – Frixion Erasable Pens/Markers

I can’t even begin to express just how much I LOVE my Frixion Erasable Pens! They are perfect for marking fabric and stitch lines. Once you no longer need the marking or line, you simply iron it away. It’s like magic in the sewing room! Trust me, your young sewists will think you are a rock star when you whip out your pens. Note: If you wish to use them to mark fabric on the pretty side, always test them on your fabric first. They can sometimes (depending on the fabric and color) leave a slight shadowing. I’ve not found it to be an issue, but I thought I’d let you know.

Here are some Frixion Pens/Marker I like:
Frixion Erasable Fine Markers
Frixion Erasable Pens
Frixion Erasable Markers
5 Sewing Room Must Haves



#3 – Washi Tape

Not only is washi tape just plain fun, it is also very functional. I use it to the mark seam allowance lines on my sewing machines. It can be re-positioned easily and doesn’t leave stick residue. It’s much easier for kids to see the washi tape than the barely visible seam allowance markings on the sewing machine plate. Plus, it comes in so many fun colors and patterns…you know your sewing machine is loving it! Who wouldn’t?!

5 Sewing Room Must Haves



#4 -Quilting Pins

There are many reasons why quilting pins are ESSENTIAL when teaching kids.
1- They are easy for kids to handle. They are longer, and have a larger head. Because of this, they are easier for kids to place in the fabric and easy for them to see and remove.
2- They are easy to see should they find their way to the floor. With kids (and even adults) pins just end up on the floor sometimes. Stepping on a pin, especially on carpet, is NOT fun!
3- They are great for plush fabric like fleece or fur. Shorter pins can’t always hold plush fabric efficiently, specifically fur or fleece. Shorter pins can also get lost easily in plush fabric. No one wants to find a lost pin the hard way!

These are the two brands that I highly recommend. 
Sew-Ology Quilting Pins (My #1 pick)
Dritz Quilting Pins#5 Sewing Room Must Haves



#5 – Finger Guard

A finger guard is a MUST HAVE in my opinion. When sewing, there are certain dangers. We handle things that can poke, burn, or even cut us. Safety is high on my list, and this is why this is a staple in my studio. This finger guard helps to keep your young sewist’s fingers away from the moving needle while sewing. Note: These guards may or may not work with your brand/model of machine, however; it should work on most Janome and Brother machines. You’ll just have to check to see if it’ll work on your machine.

You can find Finger Guards here.5 Sewing Room Must Haves

I hope you find these tools helpful in your sewing room and may your sewing adventures be fun and enjoyable!

Happy Sewing!

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