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Adding a Ruffle

I LOVE ruffles!  I like to add them to just about anything.  I am going to show you a simple way to add a ruffle to the Girls Level 1 Back Slit Denim Skirt.  This is super easy and fun too!

Supplies Needed:

Skirt: I used back slit denim skirt from Girls Level 1. The skirt is already made except for the bottom hemming.

Fabric for ruffle: How much fabric you need will depend on the desired height and width of the ruffle.  To calculate how much much fabric you need for the ruffle, measure the width of the garment and double it.  The height of the ruffle is completely up to you.  I generally cut a 4″ tall ruffle.  Here are the exact measurements I used for this project: 1 piece 4″ x 28″ and 2 pieces 4″ x 14″.  This will fit the Girls Level 1 XXS Back Slit Denim Skirt.


*Note: These measurements are suited to the XXS pattern in Girls Level 1.


1. Cut out the fabric for the ruffle.  1 piece 4″ x 28 and 2 pieces 4″ x 14″.  An easy way to make pattern pieces so they can be reusable is to use wrapping paper with grid lines on the back.



2. Sew the 3 pieces together to make one long peice making sure the long piece is in the center.  Do a double hem on the bottom edge. I did 1/2″ and then 5/8″.

ruffle4 ruffle5

3.  Now we are ready to begin the process of actually gathering the ruffle.  Even though the pieces are attached to each other, stitch along top edge of the first piece, keeping the presser foot even with the edge of fabric.  DO NOT BACK-TACK! Leave long tails.  Stitch another row of stitches just below the one you just did.  Do not let the rows intersect one another.  In the end, you should have six separate rows of stitches.  Two on each piece.

Repeat this for the second and third pieces. Within the one long strip, you now have 3 different sections to gather.


4. To gather the ruffle, carefully pull the thread on one side of the fabric causing the fabric to ruffle. Do this for each section.

 ruffle7 ruffle8


 5. Pin the ruffle to the skirt, pretty sides together, at unfinished bottom edge.


6. Sew the ruffle to skirt.

 ruffle10 ruffle11


 7. Yay!  You have now completed your denim skirt with added ruffle embellishment!  You can do this for skirts, pants, shirts or whatever other project you have that just NEEDS a ruffle.

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