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Anything Goes… Felt Pillows


A bit of inspiration from these little ones requests, some imagination, and some colorful felt sheets is what was needed to bring some smiles.   This summer everyone was talking about Minions so my little students made some pillows.  After this first sewing experience these darlings asked specifically to make something Pokemon and Hello Kitty.


The next visit we hand stitched everything on except the kitty whiskers, they were fabric glued. Then we sewed over them by machine when we put the front and back together.

I keep a stack of different colors of felt sheets for the young students to use for their designs.


I have 2 little Janome machines for very little ones to begin on.  They look like toys but they have powered through all the KCS level 1 patterns including layers of denim! You will see them on Amazon under $70.

Can’t wait to see what my “Littlest Stitchers” come up with next!

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