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Benefits of using a sewing curriculum

Benefits of using a curriculum in your sewing school - Kids Can Sew

Having been in the business of teaching kids to sew for over 35 years, we have learned a lot along the way. A lot! Some lessons we’ve learned are great….others….well, not-so-pretty. It’s all part of the process. With that in mind, we want to share with you how a sewing curriculum, specifically the Kids Can Sew curriculum, can help you in your business of teaching kids to sew.

1- TIME SAVINGS. This is one of the biggest benefits of using our curriculum. It will save you time.! The research and testing is done for you. From crafts to clothing, there is a clear path laid out for student success and progression. You simply open up the pattern workbook and start teaching. Teacher burn-out rate is A LOT lower with our curriculum simply because your time is spent teaching and earning money, not scouring the internet for endless hours searching for projects that may or may not work for your students. 

2- GOALS. Our curriculum gives your students both short-term and long-term goals. Included in each workbook is a mastery checklist for various skills and concepts learned/mastered. There are three levels to progress through before entering the world of commercial patterns. Kids and parents appreciate the organization and the goals our curriculum has to offer. 

3- STUDENT RETENTION. Our curriculum is designed with the purpose of keeping students enrolled for 3+ years. We want them to learn all they can to be able to successfully transition to commercial patterns. There are 3 levels for them to progress through before starting commercial patterns. They look forward to starting the next level because that means they are getting better and learning new and challenging sewing concepts.

4- CREDIBILITY. Teaching with a curriculum gives you, as an instructor, a certain amount of credibility and professional backing. Parents like to know that their child’s sewing instructor is affiliated with a highly successful, trusted, and professional company like Kids Can Sew. Parents like the security of knowing that there is a clear path of progression for their child. This is what our curriculum does for you as an instructor. 

As the #1 curriculum for teaching kids how to sew, and over 35 years of experience, our program provides goals, progression checklists, and prepares sewists for commercial patterns. If you haven’t checked out our curriculum, stop by our website here today! Not only do we offer a curriculum, but we offer patterns for any teach style. We have patterns for on going classes, summer camps, workshops, birthday parties, girl scout and cub scout meetings, etc. The options are endless. Check us out today! Kids Can Sew

Happy Sewing!

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