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Can’t Get Easier Zipper Bag!


This is the easy pencil bag we make at camp.

They are made of the vinyl that is fabric backed.


2 – 11″x6″ fabric pieces

1 10″ zipper

Use matching or a contrasting thread.   I used black thread so you can see it on this blog.


zipbag2  zipbag3  zipbag4

Place the zipper upside down and clip to pretty side of fabric.

With a zipper foot sew down one side. To get around zipper pull it back to where you have sewn.

zipbag6  zipbag7  zipbag8

Next attach zipper to other piece of fabric in same fashion. Sew it on same way as above.

zipbag9  zipbag10   zipbag11

Once zipper is attached, top stitch along edge near zipper and fabric edge.

zipbag12   zipbag13   zipbag14

Sew pivoting at corners.  Clip corners on bottom and along the 3 edges.  Turn out to form bag.   Easy!!


– Becky Fisher

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