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Christmas Ornament


One of my favorite things is trimming our tree at Christmas.  I love going through all the ornaments with my grownup kids. They enjoy seeing ornaments that were given to them from Girl Scout leaders, sports coaches, teachers, and special people from their youth.  This year I am making ornaments for each of my students. I hope some day they will see it in their ornament collection and remember fondly their first experience with sewing!

I saved a piece of scrap fabric from each student and bought some clear vinyl.  I found a circle size I liked for the vinyl.  The fabric is doubled (because I want pretty side both on back and inside vinyl) and it is cut a bit larger than vinyl.  You need a piece of ribbon long enough to loop.  Zigzag vinyl on fabric. I stop and stuff while still sewing on machine and continue zigzagging to close.  Then I use pinking shears to trim edges.

Another option:   You can use the KCS Pattern Pantry Rag Keychain pattern for this or use the other Rag Keychain shapes.


The metal thimbles were a great deal at Amazon.  I use yellow headed long quilting pins in the class so I wanted to put one in. Add a couple buttons or anything sewing related and you have the insides.


– Becky

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Carolyn Tester

I like this idea. Might just start on it for my students and friends.

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