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Curved Patch Pocket


This pocket seen on the Level 1 Classic Peasant Blouse is called a patch pocket. It can be made in many shapes.


Photo 1: Left pattern is finished pocket size. Right pattern has a 1/4″ seam allowance plus 1 1/4″ above the fold line.  The fold line is exactly the top of the finished pocket.

Photo 2: Shows cut out pocket same size as larger pattern.

Photo 3:  Use your pattern to lie on top of cut fabric wrong side up. Slide pattern down and fold fabric over pattern and down to fold line. Press a crease on top of fabric.


Photo 1:  Fold fabric 1/4″ on top and stitch.

Photo 2:  Fold on crease made on fold line previously.

Photo 3:  This show finished pocket pattern has 1/4″ seam allowance and an inside pocket “facing”.


Photo 1:  Oh oh… same picture as above.

Photo 2:  Stitch with a large stitch about 1/8″ around sides of pocket. Do not back stitch.  Leave threads long.

Photo 3:  Slide finished pocket pattern under the “facing”.  Using the long threads, gather fabric around pattern and press.


Photo 1:  Pressed pocket with pattern removed.

Photo 2:  Sew “facing down”. Clip threads. (I left them for photo)

Photo 3:  Sew pocket onto garment.  A completed curved patch pocket!


– Becky Fisher

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