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Drawstring Bag or Drawstring Backpack?

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Drawstring Bag or Drawstring Backpack?


I love the Kids Can Sew  Level 1 drawstring bag!  It is so useful, I have several around my house to store things in.  My students love making it into a drawstring backpack for carrying their pattern books and supplies to class.  It is so simple to do!  

 Follow KCS Level 1 Drawstring Bag pattern as indicated with exception to the strings.  We use clothesline rope that is found in your big box stores in their laundry area.

drawstring3Supplies required in addition to pattern requirements:

2 – 80″ clothesline ropes

2 – 1/4″ grommets/eyelets

Eyelet tool (comes in eyelet pkg)

Awl or pointed sharp scissors


Optional:  2″ square scrap of heavy fabric with paper-backed fusible web ironed on.  Then cut into 2 triangle pieces. Peel off paper.



 drawstring41. Sew bag as KCS pattern indicates.  Once you have sewn your bag and are ready for strings use the longer 80″ lengths.  This gives you plenty of length and you can trim if needed when done.  Follow pattern instructions to insert strings.








drawstring52.OPTIONAL: Place triangles in each bottom corner of bag, they should fit right in corner. Iron them in place.  This gives additional strength for eyelets. 







drawstring63. Cut/poke your hole with awl or sharp scissors in the center of where your triangle would be. You should be able to feel it if you don’t see it. Make your hole smaller than your eyelet center. 



drawstring74. Be sure and use the eyelet piece with the longer center on front of your bag if your fabric has a front and back. You want the fabric very tight and stretched over eyelet so it won’t tear out easily. Getting the tiny holes you have made stretched over the eyelet should take a while but it is well worth it for strong eyelets to hold in place!





drawstring85. Use your eyelet tool and hammer to close the eyelet.  Draw your strings from back to front. 








drawstring96.  Tie the knots in front and check for correct length. 





 You have turned your drawstring bag to a backpack! Enjoy!


Coming Soon:  Easy Scrap Basket Wallet

– Becky


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