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Easy Scrap Basket Wallet


Easy Scrap Basket Wallet!

There are days when my students finish a project and have some extra time in class.  That is when they can raid my scrap basket!  A favorite project is this wallet.  Some can make it up in 30 minutes or less!!  I love that they can sew up something cute and quick!

Speaking of cute and quick… I hope all the KCS registered instructors have seen the Rag Keychain in the NEW Pattern Pantry!  Now my students can add the keychain to our quick scrap projects!  I am so excited about these fun Pattern Pantry projects and look forward to what is coming next!

Let’s get started on your wallet!

Supply List:

blank paper,  pencil and ruler

2 scraps of fabric to fit your custom pattern.

1 piece of felt to fit your custom pattern.

Scissors and pinking shears

Contrasting thread

1″ piece of hook and loop tape OR a sew in snap

Large decorative button


Make your Pattern:
scrapwallet2 scrapwallet3 scrapwallet4 scrapwallet5 scrapwallet6

You can make all different size wallets.  To make a large one to hold your cash, take your paper 8.5 x 11 paper and trim it to 7.5 x 10.   Next fold it in half vertical so it is long and thin OR measure across 3 3/4″ to center and draw a vertical line.  Open it back up and fold it horizontally  in thirds OR measure 3 1/3″ twice..  Now take a pencil and measure from the top horizontal fold to your center fold on top of paper. You are basically drawing the shape of a house with pointy roof!   Trim both sides to make your point on top.

If you want a smaller wallet,  use the same size paper height of 10″, and trim the sides and draw a new line to the top for your point.   My sample is 6″ x 10″.

I have a few different size patterns I have traced on poster board to always have ready!


Trace pattern on the 2 fabric scraps and the felt then cut out.        scrapwallet7

scrapwallet8 scrapwallet9

Sandwich the felt between the 2 fabric pieces. Place the first with the wrong side up, then your felt, and lastly your pretty side up. Pin all three pieces together.

Sew at 5/8″ all the way around the edges with your contrasting thread.   scrapwallet10

scrapwallet11  Using pinking shears trim around all edges.

Decide what is the inside and outside fabric.  Fold your fabric in thirds like you did for the pattern.  Your point should reach or almost the reach the bottom edge.  Now you will mark for your hook and loop.    About 1.5″ from the point (on inside fabric)you will mark it.  Place another mark where it meets the folded pocket.  Open it back up flat and you should have a mark near the top inside point and on the outside piece of your fabric.   I sew a square on the fabric that is a size that the button will cover.  Once it is sewn  in place, you can mark for the other piece and sew it in place.

scrapwallet12 scrapwallet13

Now pin the sides and sew them together over your previous stitching.  Next iron the bottom and where it folds on top.


All that is left is to attach a large button!  It is SEW cute!!        scrapwallet15

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