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Easy Tiered Skirt


You can make these with 100% cotton or knit!   You will also need 1″ elastic.

Decide the length you want for the skirt. Measure from where the skirt will sit at waist to the length you want.  When you decide the length in inches, divide the number by 3 to determine tiers measurements.

To this length number for each tier you will add in for your seam allowances, waist band, and the hem.

For tier 1, add a 1.5″ for waistband and your desired seam allowance.

Tier 2 has 2 seam allowances added.

Tier 3 has 1 seam allowance and a 1″ hem.

Now you will determine width.

Tier 1 is waist measurement x 1.5″.

Tier 2 is waist measurement x 2″.

Tier 3 is waist measurement x 2.7″

Once you have all these measurements you can figure out how much fabric you need and cut strips. If you want a fuller skirt, keep Tier 1 the same, tier 2 = 2.5, and tier 3 = 4.2.


When your strips are cut (you will need to piece some together to get long enough strips), sew or serge the seams together to make a big loop of each tier.

This is one of my darling students that has cut her strips and sewn the seams 🙂

For tier 1 make your waist band leaving opening for elastic.

Tier 2 will be gathered on top and attached to bottom of tier 1.

Tier 3 will be gathered on top and attached to bottom of tier 2 plus have a 1″ hem. Double fold 1/2″ or use your favorite hemming method.


Here is the inside, showing gathered tier and hem.  You can use a serger to finish seams if desired.


Lovely!  Your tiered skirt is done!!


– Becky Fisher

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