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Heart Felt Gift Idea


Supplies Needed:  2 square pieces of felt in different colors.  Thread for contrast stitching.  1 or more index cards.  Beginner.

VHeart12013 (Medium)


Step 1.  Cut a heart 7 1/4 inches tall x  7 1/4 inches wide.  Cut another heart in a different color approximately 3/4 inch smaller.




Step 2.  On the larger heart, stitch a decorative stitch around the edges.





Step 3.  Measure a 4″ opening across the top edge of smaller heart as shown.  Do not stitch between these two pins. Pin then stitch around the side and bottom of heart.  Do not stitch the top edge of smaller heart. 


Step 4.  Write something special on your index card(s) and slip inside. Give your gift to your Valentine!  


Happy Valentines from Kids Can Sew.

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