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Holiday Apron

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Aprons are always fun to wear during the holidays.  They are functional and also very cute!

These take very little fabric. This one uses a fat quarter as the main fabric and for these extra long ties with cute bottom band, you use 1/2 yard of contrasting fabric.

Some of you are asking “What is a fat quarter”?  Good Question!  A fat quarter is a single piece of fabric that is 18″ x 22″.  It is equal to a quarter of a yard of fabric but is cut in a way that you get a larger section.

A typical quarter yard of fabric that you have cut at the fabric store is 9″ x 44″.   You get a narrow but long length of fabric.

At many of the big box fabric stores you will find the precut squares of fat quarters ready for purchase.  I love having a few in fabric stash.



18″x22″ fabric

1/2 yard contrasting fabric

Thread, scissors


Cut your 1/2 yard into 3 equal 45″ lengths. Approximately 6″x45″ each. The above photo shows the 3 strips, the 18″x22″. Because it is fall I want to put a leaf on my apron so I have a leaf pattern and Pellon Wonder Under to make a leaf shaped iron on “patch”.


There are many different ways to use Wonder-Under.  I traced my pattern on to the fusible paper backing. Then ironed it to the backside of fabric and cut out the leaf.  The next step is to peel off the paper portion and iron the leaf in place.  Actually I ironed it on once the project was completed.

Back to the apron  :)

Cut 1 of the 3 long pieces in half, now there are approximately two 6″ x 22″ pieces.  Next, fold it in half, wrong sides together, so that it is about 3″ x 22″ and press fold.  You will sew this band to the bottom of the fat quarter using a 1/2″ seam allowance.  Iron the seam upwards towards fat quarter.  Top stitch on fat quarter about 1/4″ above band.


Next fold the sides over 3/8″ twice and sew.


Sew the 3 remaining strips together with smallest in center to make one long waistband strip.  Place the main apron piece on the center piece of the waistband, right sides together and sew pieces together across the top of the apron piece using a 1/2″ seam allowance.  Press seam upwards so it will be in the waistband.  Also press the top of center waistband 1/2″ as seen in photo below.



Fold the waistband strip right sides together the full length.  Pin leaving the center above the main apron piece open.  At the ends of the strip cut at an angle to make points.  I usually just fold them over finger press and cut.  You may want to be more accurate.  Mark and measure if you like.


Now it is ready to sew starting at the main apron piece. Sew to the “points” of the ties. Remember to leave the center open/unsewn for now.

Next you will turn the ties to the right sides and press.  Pin the center back in place and stitch across the main apron at 1/4″ up from pinned edge.



Then iron on your leaf if you are adding one!  You are done and it is sew cute!



– Becky Fisher

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