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Kangaroo Pocket


I am excited to share how easy it is to add a kangaroo pocket to a top!!

For this project I am using the KCS Sport Top from the 2nd Year workbook and patterns.  I used fleece to make this warm cozy top.



Cut a rectangle of fabric of choice: width of the front top piece x height 8 to 10 inches depends on size of top.

I used 8″ for xs top.


Now shape your pocket. I made mine 6″ in top center of pocket, so to do this the fabric is folded in half. Next measure and mark over 3″ across top at fold as shown above in left photo.  Then I mark 3″ down on side. 

Draw your line and cut off the corner through both layers.   For my xs top, I cut about 4 1/2″ x 3″ from corners. 


Next you fold over pocket corners 1/2″ and stitch.  Using fleece I will only turn once.

If you are using other fabrics you may need to do a second fold over where hands will slide in and out of the pocket.

This will keep your fabric from fraying in the laundry.


Fold over the 6″ center top of pocket 1/2″ and pin to top of shirt.  Stitch pocket onto the front of top.

Now fold over bottom of pocket 1/2″, pin, and stitch.


It is time to complete top as pattern describes.  The sides of pocket will be sewn in the side seams.   Sew Cute!


Option:  You can add a Kangaroo Pocket that is not attached at the side seams.   Following the steps above but trim sides of rectangle a bit, then fold the sides that would attach in the seams of top above.  Sew these sides and bottom at the same time.


– Becky Fisher

Coming Soon:  More pockets!!


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