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KCS Shoulder Tie Bag Has A Zipper Pocket!


A student asked if I would help make a few changes to the bag.  Here is how she added a zipper pocket to the inside of her bag.


Here is what is needed to add the pocket:

10″x15″ piece of fabric

8″ or larger plastic zipper


Cut out and sew center seams as pattern requires.

As shown in photo above:  3″ below top of seam of the lining, draw a 7″ line.  3.5″ on each side of seam.  1/2″ below that line draw another. Connect on sides to make a rectangle 7″x 1/2″.

Draw a line down center of rectangle stopping 1/2″ from each side.  Draw lines from corners of rectangle to the center line just drawn.

Pin the 10″x 15″ piece of fabric pretty sides together, behind the rectangle you drew, centered, and 1.5″ below top of seam.  Sew around your rectangle.  At the seams backstitch to strengthen area.


Cut the center line in rectangle to the corners as shown.


Pull pocket through the opening and iron.


Cut zipper to needed size.  Lay zipper over opening , pin and sew in around rectangle from the front of lining piece.

Fold pocket piece up, pin and sew around all 3 sides.


You have made a pocket!

– Becky Fisher

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