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Lets Tie A Pretty Bow!



For the 19 Aug 2014 blog we were sewing sashes to embellish our Kids Can Sew dresses! My students love sashes and the big bows. We have them on dresses, aprons, tops, and so much more!  Many students and parents have asked how to tie such pretty straight bows.


It is so easy and with a little practice you can tie the perfect bow too!

prettybow11. Wrap the sash smoothly and straight around the waist and line up both sides evenly.  Bring your right side of sash (A) over the left side of sash (B) which basically crosses the sash.










prettybow22.  Now you bring (A) under/behind and back over (B) which tightens the sash around area for bow.








prettybow33.  Next you will make your loops. Bring up some of the (B) long tail and make your first loop.











prettybow44.  Continue holding your first loop and bring (A) up, behind, around, and through the (B) opening (where left hand is reaching in photo). Make another loop like tying your shoes!





5.  This step is where I fine tune the bow.   I like the bow to have a rounded loop look with a smooth (not too tight) looking of a center square.  Just straighten your loops to begin and smooth middle piece as well. If you don’t like it, and need to make adjustments, just loosen it up a little and play with it, then tighten the bows again.


   prettybow5 prettybow6



Coming Soon: Drawstring Bag or Drawstring Backpack!

– Becky


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