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Take it from me…needles can certainly make or break your sewing project.  Even certain threads can require special needles.  Our friends at Feathers Flights put together a chart I absolute LOVE!!!  I now have this hanging in my sewing room for all my students to enjoy as well!


With all the sewing we do in class, I have found that I am CONSTANTLY purchasing new needles!  I found this wonderful find on Amazon.  You can purchase needles in BULK!!!

needlebox2_jpg_300x300_q85 needleboxframe_jpg_300x300_q85

I only use Schmetz needles in my machines and the size we use most in my school is 90/14.  You can purchase other sizes as well too.  If you are a Amazon Prime customer you can get it in 2 days with free shipping like I did.

Happy Sewing!

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