By Kids Can Sew | March 4, 2013

The YOYO craze!!! It is so easy to embellish your unique creations by adding simple decorations.  One of my favorites is the yoyo. Supplies needed: […]

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Sleeveless Peasant Dress

By Kids Can Sew | March 1, 2013

So many possibilities……the Girls Level 1 Peasant Nightgown/Blouse provides plenty of room to add creative and cute embellishments.  For this project, I left the sleeves […]

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Adding a Ruffle

By Kids Can Sew | February 27, 2013

I LOVE ruffles!  I like to add them to just about anything.  I am going to show you a simple way to add a ruffle […]

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Heart Felt Gift Idea

By Kids Can Sew | February 8, 2013

HEART FELT GIFT IDEA Supplies Needed:  2 square pieces of felt in different colors.  Thread for contrast stitching.  1 or more index cards.  Beginner.   […]

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