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Placemat Totes

Fun Totes For the Summer!

Whether it’s a day at the beach or taking a trip to the library, it’s always helpful to have fun and colorful totes to hold all your necessary summer paraphernalia.  Below are a couple of examples of things you can do to emebellish the basic placemat tote bag.  


1. Placemats
2. Various ribbons and other decorative
elements you would like to embellish with
3. Placemat Tote Directions – Camp Collections
Book 2 


 Example 1: Emebellished Classic Pattern


1. Choose decorations and lay out on placemat for positioning purposes

summertote4 summertote3

2. Once you have chosen where to place things, pin in place, and stitch
*I threw in some yoyos to add character to the bag – see previous blog posting for directions

summertote5 summertote6

4. Now it’s time to attach the handles.  I attaced mine on the outside, but you can also stitch them to the inside

5. To finish the bag jump to step #2 in direction book

Example 2: Beach Tote 


1. Choose two placemats


2. Pin the bottoms together and stitch


3. Cut square pocket (no exact size – it’s up to you), fold edges 5/8″ to ugly side of fabric, pin then stitch.  The embellishment at the top of the pocket is optional.


4. Place pocket on front side of bag, pin, and stitch around edges.  LEAVE TOP OPEN.



5. If desired, choose ribbons and ric-rac and such and attach around top rim of bag

summertote13 summertote14

6. Attach handles.  This time I stitched them to the inside (again, you can also stitch them on the outside)

7. To finish beach tote jump to step #2 in direction book

Now these are just a couple examples of the numerous possibilities that exist for embellishing the basic tote bag pattern.  Have fun with it and come up with your own!


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