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Round Inset Floating Pocket


This is the KCS 2nd Year Drop Waist Capris with insert floating pockets.

You can make these pockets in many different shapes.  Very easy too!

For 1 pocket you need:

2 pieces of fabric the same size. One is used for the facing which will not be seen.  The other can be contrasting or the same as garment as it will be seen.

I made a 3.5″ circle pocket hole.   My fabric pieces measure 5.5″ x 8″.


Mark the pocket opening on the wrong side of the facing and place right sides together on garment where the pocket will be.  Sew around the circle.


Cut out pocket opening and notch along seam.  Turn facing in and press around opening.  On the right side top stitch around opening of pocket.


Pin lining to the facing and stitch around both.   You have now completed an inset floating pocket!


Such cute pockets!

I would have chosen to use green ribbon on the pants but the masses (namely 4 of my 8 yr old students) choose colorful ribbon.

And it is all about the kids!!


– Becky Fisher


Coming soon:  Valentine Coasters

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