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Sash & Bow


Girls love a big bow sash and can make them easily themselves with a little guidance.  When used to tie around a dress or a blouse these give your garments an added fun flair!

In this photo, the KCS Level 1 Peasant Gown was made with a fun brown zebra print cotton to become a lovely dress.  To give it that little something extra, a coordinating cotton fabric was used to make the 1 1/2″ sash.

The second photo is the KCS Level 1 Night Shirt made in cotton fabric with a 3″ sash!

So let’s get started making a sash!

Supply List:  Fabric and Coordinating Thread



FOR WIDTH:   Decide the width you would like the finished sash.  To figure out the needed fabric, use this formula to help you.     Desired width _____  x 2 plus 1″.    The plus 1″ is your seam allowance. I use a 1/2″ seam allowance throughout project. 

This means if you want a 3″ sash, you will need 3″ x 2 = 6″ plus 1″ =  7″ total width of fabric.

If you want a 1 1/2″ sash, you will need 1 1/2″ x 2 = 3″ plus 1″ =  4″ total width of fabric.

FOR LENGTH:  I like long sashes, so I start with the entire 42 – 45″ fabric.   I cut 2 lengths at the desired widths.

If this seems too long, just tie it around waist before sewing to get an idea for your needs and then trim.



1.  Pretty sides together, stitch the two pieces together on one side (short side).


2.  You now have one long piece to work with.  


3.  Next fold in half, pretty sides together.    Trim ends at an angle on both ends of sash. 


4. Start stitching about 2 ” from middle of sash working toward end with angle. Pivot at corner and backstitch well at the point. Do this on both sides of sash.  Leave a 4″ hole for turning.


5.  Be sure and trim your point a little before turning.


6.  Turn sash to pretty side, use a chopstick or your favorite tool to get a nice point and press with iron.


7.  Next topstitch all around sash to get a lovely finished look!  Beautiful!


Coming Soon:   How to tie a perfect bow every time!


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