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Selecting The Right Sewing Machine For Your Sewing School

Selecting The Right Sewing Machine For Your Studio
Learn what makes a “kid friendly” sewing machine.

Your sewing school deserves a stress free machine and so do you! Selecting the right sewing machine for your young sewists is vitally important to their experience. You want to make sure the machine they are using adds to their experience and doesn’t detract from it.

Here are a few things you will want to consider before selecting the right machine for your studio.

Machine Size
You will want to purchase full size machines. In my mind, this is non-negotiable…full size machines only. Do not purchase, under ANY circumstances, a toy sewing machine. They can reduce even the most experienced sewist to tears. 

Speed Control
Speed control is like magic for the new sewist. When set to the slowest setting, your new sewist can focus completely on learning to “drive” their machine and follow a seam allowance. They don’t have learn how to control speed with their feet just yet. That will come with time. Let them gain confidence in “steering” before you speed them up.

Needle Guard
You might be asking yourself what a needle guard is? Let me tell you. A needle guard is peace of mind for you! It is a bar that helps to keep small fingers away from the moving needle while sewing. You can check it out here. (We are not affiliated with this company, we just like their great customer service) These will fit on a variety of sewing machine brands, but you’ll need to try it out to see if it fits on yours. In my mind, this little gadget is a MUST. 

Not all machines are created equal. Some machines are better than others. Some brands/models are better than others. Ask around to find out what others are using. Ask other sewing teachers what they use in their school. Ask them what they like about their machines and what they don’t like. You want a machine that can handle the hours and hours of use that they get. There are a lot of great brands and models out there, and many different price points as well. You don’t need the most expensive machine to start out with, but be prepared to upgrade within 5 or so years if you choose a more inexpensive model. 

You can save yourself and your young sewist a lot of tears by selecting the right machine for your sewing school. We suggest visiting your local dealer and “test drive” some different machines. Don’t be afraid to ask them if there is a discount if you order multiple machines at once. Once you find a trusted dealer, stick with them! Not only are you supporting a local business, but they are like your sewing machine’s personal physician. They’ll keep your babies healthy and happy and sewing beautifully!

Happy machine shopping!

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