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Sleeveless Peasant Dress

So many possibilities……the Girls Level 1 Peasant Nightgown/Blouse provides plenty of room to add creative and cute embellishments.  For this project, I left the sleeves off the dress and gathered the top with ribbon to create a cute little summer dress.  It’s perfect for fun summer outings and works great as a swimsuit cover-up.

 Supplies Needed:

  • Girls Level 1 Peasant Dress/Blouse pattern
  • Fabric
  • Single Fold Bias Tape
  • Ribbon (wider width is recommended)
  • Thread




1. Lay pattern piece out on fabric and pin and cut.


2. With pretty sides together, pin side seams and stitch.


peasant3 peasant4

3. Follow directions on bias tape package to attach around arm holes.  Stitch in place.



4. With pretty sides together, fold top edge of dress down 1 1/2″ and hem.  I did a double hem at 1/2″ and then 5/8″.


5. To finish the dress, feed ribbon through channel and tie on the side of the neck (or you could use two ribbons and tie on either side).  

Woohoo!  Your Sleeveless Peasant Dress is now ready to wear!


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