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T Shirt Dresses


My students are loving the t shirt and tank top dresses we have been working on.  There is a wonderful program called “Dress A Girl Around The World” that makes similar dresses and sends them to impoverished countries. You can find blogs with instructions all over the web.   I had made several to donate and showed them to the students and they LOVED them.

Here is my favorite pattern on this website:

You need a basic t shirt, tank or v neck tee.  45″ width Cotton fabric from 3/4 yd to 1 1/4 yd depending on student size.

Because we are using the width of 44/45 fabric and will be using the selvedge as our side seam that limits the size for gathering or pleats.  If your student needs more than a 45″ width to include some gathering, you will need more fabric.

Here is a the basic instructions:

Decide how much of t shirt bottom you want to remove.  You can leave more length on t shirt if you want a drop waist or cut to have t shirt hit at waist.

Measure from edge of t shirt to length of skirt you desire.  Add seam allowance on top and hem amount on bottom.  This total is the length of fabric you need. Double amount if you need more than 44″.

Next you sew and press your side seam.  Decide if you want pleat or gather around top of skirt portion of dress.  Measure around bottom of t shirt, and gather/pleat skirt to same.  Place pretty sides together and attach to t shirt.  Hem skirt.

Check out some of the many tutorials online or the Dress A Girl website.

– Becky Fisher


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