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Wet Bag


It is swimming pool and beach time here in Florida! These wet bags are great for wet swimsuits or wet clothes.

You need:

2 – 11″ x 11″ squares of towel

2 – 11″ x 11″ fabric backed vinyl or PUL

1 – 11″ zipper

Wonder Clips or something instead of pins to protect vinyl from holes.


Sandwich the zipper between the toweling and vinyl front sides together.  Stitch across about 3/8″ from edge.


Turn toweling and vinyl to wrong sides together and top stitch about 1/4″ from edge.  Repeat sandwiching fabric on other side of zipper, sewing in place right sides together and then top stitching as before.


Once zipper is in place, match towel and vinyl right sides together with zipper folded in towards vinyl. Open zipper half way.  Stitch starting at bottom of vinyl around all 4 sides leaving opening in bottom of vinyl to turn to correct side.  When sewing over zipper, back stitch several times for additional strength.  Clip corners and any zipper over hang. Turn to wrong sides together and machine stitch bottom of vinyl to close opening. Push vinyl to inside.  Add a decorative ribbon zipper pull.   Your ready to throw that wetsuit in bag after a day at the beach or friends swimming pool!


– Becky Fisher

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