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Whooo has a Secret?

IMG_1946a   IMG_1949a

And he is so easy to make!

Cut out and prep owl as pattern call for.  You will need some extra main fabric to cut out the pocket.


Use this portion of the pattern.  I removed the top taped across eyes portion.


Cut pattern in half down the middle.  Lay out on top of pattern paper or poster board to make new pattern. Open 6″ or more on top and trace bottom, sides, and across the six inches.


Straighten everything up a bit on bottom and bring sides up high enough as shown in picture.  This is now your additional back piece to cut out for pocket.

IMG_1941a   IMG_1942a

Next is the casing for elastic. We folded 1/2″ and another 1″.  We used 1/2″ elastic and it worked well for my campers to pull through easily.


Pin and baste your piece to the owl back.  Then sew together as pattern describes.

Now you have a PJ pocket!

IMG_1946a IMG_1949a

– Becky Fisher

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